Friday, June 19, 2009

Mahindra's New Scorpio: A Powerful Automotive Vehicle

Yeah! It is Mahindra's New Scorpio - A Powerful Automotive Vehicle. I know one question may rose in your mind that what is the thing that everyone can say it too powerful? The reason is, its 2.6-litre CRDe engine has been replaced by the advanced 2.2-litre mHawk engine on all variants. This makes the Scorpio the first model that complies not just with Bharat III but also with the yet to be implemented Bharat IV emission norms. When we are talking about going green, the top of the line VLX variant is available with a micro hybrid system. Revving the mHawk engine , through City traffic and on open roads , is a pleasure as the advanced mill is far more responsive and generates an impressive amount of torque as compared to the CRDe motor.

The start-stop hybrid system has ameliorated and operates smoothly. Even on standby mode, the A/C functions full blast. The moment you want to move on , the transition is smooth and responsive. M&M’s Micro Hybrid technology , developed with support from BOSCH, allows the engine to switch into standby mode when not required thus conserving fuel. It automatically detects moments during the drive when the vehicle is idle and switches off the engine. This technology is available on the VLX and the M2DI variants of the Scorpio. The start-stop system can get slightly annoying to people who are generally impatient , like me. I had to switch off the Micro Hybrid technology exactly seven minutes from the time I started driving. Yes , I feel guilty as I might have burned more fuel but it was way too much fun!

Here are some of the similarities that the new Scorpio carries over from the XYLO like the gear knob, however, it could have been a little more stylish. Other features like the Park Assist are a great help especially for a vehicle of this size. The dashboard looks neat and comes equipped with a 2-DIN audio system and new interiors. Our car sported black interiors which were not too impressive but the tan and beige option looks far better. The digital immobilizer is also a new feature which we wanted to see in the Scorpio for some time now. We are sure that M&M can foretell that many potential Scorpio buyers might opt for the XYLO simply because of the latter’s brilliant pricing. To avoid that , the firm has slashed the Scorpio’s price by Rs 34 , 000 to Rs 70 , 000 depending on the variant.

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