Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maruti 800 : Still run on the road

Yeah! It is my attachment with "Maruti" (still I am not able to buy Maruti Alto - LXI due to some reasons) the get-go car of the world. I have booked this car just 2 months back. My car loan also has been allowed and waiting for disbursement but mean while some unavoidable circumstances resist me to take it at my home and still I am just dreaming about my dream car. It is my "Maruti Alto - Lxi". I am still trying to collect some amount to buy it within next 3 months. Let us see what happens? (God! Pleeeeeeease help me! My kid asking me everyday about it! Just do something for me.)

Actually some days before I have also read out the news that Maruti 800 phased out from the market coz the BS IV norms. But I thinks that one day comes and the Maruti management take out some strategic decision to alive this basic model for the Indian people. Till time Nano may runs on the road to show its importance but I feel and sense that there is no such vehicle made till date that competes my Maruti.

I have firm on my decisions because I have seen that my cousin sister's Maruti 800 AC still running without any difficulties on the road of Chembur. It is actually 10 years back model. I have just finished my driving class and it is the first day I am on driving wheel to take a ride of Maruti 800. It just simply marvelous. See, just pass out student from the driving class who has been trained within a month on another car i.e., Santro Zing and having 100% experience about the Power Steering technique. No! I do not face any difficulty while the rid of 10 years old Maruti 800 AC. It is the reason I have bound on my decision to buy only Maruti 800's variant - the "Maruti Alto - Lxi".

Now, one news knocked at the door whiles I am reading a newspaper that Maruti 800 never phased out from the market and really I am very glad to read it. I just say here, thanks to Maruti's management, especially, Mr. I V Rao, Managing Director, MSIL that they just alive the people's dream.

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