Thursday, October 24, 2013

System that prevents Drunk Driving

In today's modern times, underage drunk driving is one of the major problems in our society. It's really shocking that today's teenagers are out of control when it comes to alcohol intake and even drugs. Kids nowadays really abuse themselves beyond limitation. With a combination of influence coming from their peers and friends, it's so easy for them to lose track of their values and this is becoming an evident issue of today's generation of youth. In India you can be arrested under Drunk Driving Law of India.

Drunk driving is a serious problem for our nations youth. It's hard to believe but more and more peoples are using and abusing alcohol and/or drugs than ever before. Combine that with the intense peer pressure that peoples go through and we have a serious problem called drunk driving.

Yeah! It is Muthu Kumar Ramachandran (born on September 25, 1982) of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, designed a device named "Hi-Tech Drink and Drive Preventive System for Automobiles" Which once installed in the dashboard of any vehicle can avoid drink and dreive accidents by not allowing the vehicle to start if the driver is drunk and also stops within 30 seconds in case the pulse sensor in the device detects that the pulse rate of the driver is abnormal.

Article Source : Preventive system for drunk driving

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