Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Concept Cars : Citroen Survolt Concept, Pininfarina Sintesi, Bugatti Aerolithe and Cadillac Sixteen Concept Car

01. Citroen Survolt Concept

What began as an exploration of extraordinary electric vehicles with the Revolte Concept Car now continues through the Citroen Survolt Concept. The perfect mélange of glamour, extravagance and motor-racing spice, it transcends norms and protocol to deliver passion in an all-new revolutionary way.

02. Pininfarina Sintesi

The Pininfarina Sintesi was designed by Pininfarina and developed using an interesting and innovative approach. It introduces the novel concepts of 'Liquid Packaging' and 'Transparent Mobility'. Liquid packaging is the concept of adding the fuel cells and motors in each wheel, while Transparent Mobility refers to futuristic communication systems where such a car may exchange information with other vehicles on the road through wireless technology. Indeed, a car with progressive thought behind a mean looking exterior!

03.Bugatti Aerolithe

The Bugatti Aerolithe Concept reeks of exclusivity. Intended to be a design study of a futuristic 2025 sports model, this concept has been inspired by the legendary1935 Bugatti Electron Aerolithe prototype, and designed by Douglas Hogg.

04. Cadillac Sixteen Concept Car

The Cadillac Sixteen Concept car is all about power, and a surprising gentle grace. In fact, the name derives from its 16-cylinder and 1000-horsepower engine. This concept makes its presence felt in a literally huge, bold and unparalleled way, and boasting equally meticulous interiors. The design exudes drama and its aura is breathtakingly striking.

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