Saturday, April 27, 2013

Start a New Hobby: Tattooing

Things had not been going well, I was kind of down in the dumps. It started as nothing major, but it sort of snow balls, you kind of look up and wonder what you’re doing with yourself. I was thinking about ways I could break out of the funk. I see a lot of movies, and it’s true, what they say, that you can be whoever you want, that you can do whatever you want, if you put your mind to it. That’s what they say. Sometimes I think about what if I was a guy who lived life to its fullest, and treated each day like an exciting opportunity to do something new and amazing. 

Well, sometimes you day dream enough about something that one day you wake up and do it. I was day dreaming about cheap tattoo kits and those tattoo starter kits that they sell, wondering if I could be someone who actually learned how to tattoo and then was allowed to permanently change someone else’s skin, and not just someone random, but someone who’s giving me money to do it.

I’ve wanted to have that kind of power and I thought it would be a fantastic addition to my life, and so I decided, one day, to do it. To actually do it. And so I did. I took the first critical step, to visit and see what kind of things I needed, and I got what I wanted and have started learning how to tattoo. Who knew, it was me all along, someone who could do this. I never thought it could be so but it was, and it is. And believe it or not it was easier than I thought it could be. Not that it’s easy, but it’s different and if I’d known it was like it is I’d have started this much sooner. But no regrets, I’m always thinking of the future never the past.