Thursday, October 25, 2012

Audi e-bike : Emotion Inspiring Sports Machine

Yeah! It is true that Audi e-bike is a emotion inspiring sports machine. Why not? It consists of many characteristics that one biker can wish. This prototype cycle combining an electric drive and muscle power along with tech used on Audi cars was showcased at the Worthersee Tour in Austria. Audi e-bike in action is really great experience of mine.

Certain outward aspect of Audi Electrick Bike is - it incredibly precise, highly emotional and strictly functional. It's all function are similar to sports machine. Thanks to manufacturer who develops such a muscle power with all their design efforts.

If you dare to stunt with this muscle power no doubt it just made for you. Yeah! Its seat can be lowered to run flush with the frame itself for extreme tricks and stunts. It is just a matter to press of a button and the seat then rises up and the biker can take over a well-situated position. It is just a dream machine for bikers.

Oh! Just forgotten to add here is Audi e-bike's cycling modes and countless other functions can be set using the touchscreen on-bike computer. What else you needed right now here?

Biker can choose between a total of five cycling modes what I called it as a "pure muscle power". One thing I wold like to add here is if you select “eGrip”, the Audi e-bike W├Ârthersee runs solely on the electric motor and can reach a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). The cyclist then controls forward momentum using a gripshift and can configure the power as desired using the computer.

I think every biker must have such a emotion inspiring sport machine - a great muscle power!!