Thursday, June 14, 2012

Doximity - Connect Physicians Quickly

It is the great news for medical professionals from every corner of the world that Doximity brings collective efforts on the largest platform. Yeah! Doximity is the largest medical professional network and many physicians are members. The truth is that with Doximity, physicians can quickly connect with any physician to firmly collaborate on patient treatment or identify the befitting expert for patient recommendations. Huong Le, MD - General Anesthesiology; is an example of it.

We must thankful to the Web and digital technology that plays an increasingly important role in the development of healthcare services.

Here every medical professional who is the part of Doximity can transfer of sensitive health information from the file cabinets of a doctor's office to the World Wide Web makes the data highly susceptible to security breaches and unauthorized access and disclosure. Not only do such websites raise ethical obligations governing the doctor/patient relationship, there is potential liability under HIPPA and federal and state privacy laws.

Needless to say that social networking has become being present everywhere at once like “Doximity”.