Saturday, May 26, 2012

50cc Scooter Accessories Orlando Riders Trending With

If you want to find out what's hot and what's not when it comes to 50cc scooter accessories Orlando is the place to look to. So why Orlando Florida? No one has really been able to quite put their finger on it yet as to the reason why but Orlando riders just seem to be the first and studies have shown that they are.

Big Bore Kit

Moving up to larger cylinder size has always been an option for smaller bike owners. In the past though, it had to be done in a machine shop where they would actually bore out the existing cylinder. Today however, it just a simple matter of purchasing a big bore kit that can take your motor up to 65cc cylinder size.

Ant-Theft Disc Brake Lock

Theft has always been a problem for smaller bike owners, particularly if you're driving a newer model. Of course the key works great for stopping most thieves but not those who are 'determined' to make off with your bike. So now savvy Orlando Scooter owners are using anti-theft disc brake locks to 'stop thieves' dead in their tracks.

Solar Charger Suction Cups

Solar charger suction cups make street riding a lot safer because each one contains a blinking light to alert other drivers to your presence. No wiring required either because they're solar powered and because they're contained in a suction cup that you simply plug them on to any smooth surface. They charge during the day and blink automatically.

Performance Racing Shock

Now if you're like most people you probably think that the performance racing shock is a little extreme. After all who's out racing a 50cc scooter? What more riders are continuing to discover though, is that a high-performance racing shock makes for a far smoother ride and less jarring to the bike.

LED Turn Signals

Switching over to LED turn signals is easy. They attach right on in the place of the older stock turn signals they're removed and the wiring comes with the end-clips already in place. LED lighting is more visible because it distributes more evenly, so car and truck drivers can see you better from all angles instead of just behind.

Scooter Seat Pouch

A scooter seat pouch mounts directly under the seat to create usable storage space out of the empty area. Nothing to mount either because it comes right out of the box so it just 'sticks' right under your seat and once the seat this closed it's fully secure. It's a super handy accessory for shopping.

Custom Colored Hand-Grips

Then finally custom colored hand-grips will give your bike a unique individual look and they simply slide into place. Now of all the 50cc scooter accessories Orlando bike riders are buying these happen to be possibly the most affordable. So the new trend now is to buy more than one color and then switch them out.

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