Friday, October 2, 2009

Chritsmas Gifts : The Joy of Giving

In a world filled with violence, human suffering and environmental destruction, it is the act of giving that brings untold joy to the giver and the receiver. Have we ever reflected on the power of giving? We could give money, our time, impart skills or even lend a sympathetic ear to help someone emotionally.

The festive season is here and there is magic in the air. A magic which inspires us moms to play Santa Claus and get into the act of giving - to our children, family and friends. In the process of writing this article I have discovered some beautiful truths which I wants to share with you.

I had planned a X'mas party for the children. My friend Ramesh - a roly poly and jolly fellow -- volunteered to play Santa. The gifts had been chosen days in advance like some sort of toys for children. As darkness set in ushering in X'mas eve, Ramesh entered, looking every hit the perfect Santa.

He started saying his HO HO HO and giving lovely gifts to the children. The children shouted in excitement! The sheer exhilaration that I experienced when I saw the joyous faces of the kids is something I cannot express in words! On the other side ladies are also eagerly waiting to open up the Santa's treasure trunk. Ramesh's wife, Madhuri got perfume and my sister collected the lovely flowers. Now it was my turn to move towards Santa and waiting for a gift. A beautiful and useful aftershave lotion for me. I never forget those moments when Madhuri's and my sister's face is suffused with happiness. Thanks to Ramesh (Santa) who saves much on buying all these articles from well known website named "". Though we are not a Christian, but what made Madhuri and my sister so charged up about the party? Yeah! I owe it to my parents who made me believe in Santa when I was a child. They saw nothing wrong in adopting a Christian custom if it meant giving joy to a child. And I in turn wanted to pass on this joy to the next generation.

Like Madhuri and my sister, we too have experienced the sheer pleasure of giving at some point in our lives. Perhaps Mother Nature, the ultimate giver, has been kinder to us mothers in this respect. We get countless occasions to give, every single day. What makes us go to any length to make our child's birthday party perfect? Why are we so particular that our spouse stays in perfect health? What makes us lend a sympathetic car to the elders in the house? The radiant face of our child in his party, the glow of health on the face of our hubby and the happiness of our elders - these are the greatest rewards but they are all the more sweet because they fill our hearts with one of the most beautiful feelings humans can experience - the joy of lending a helping hand, the joy of giving!

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