Sunday, July 5, 2009

Car Donations : Just Go For Right Cause

A voluntary gift (as of money or service) made to some worthwhile cause is known as donation. If I am right then tell me have you ever done this type of job (may be in small level) in your life? Have you act of giving in common with others for a common purpose especially to a charity? If not then here is one opportunity that all you can able to give Car Donations at your own.

Yeah! Someone is waiting for your helping hands. He/she may be single mothers, orphans, homeless, teen and adult rehab, as well as prison reform. They are badly in need of your blessings through the donations that help him/her to set their life. But just don’t be afraid! I am not asking you to donate your car that you are using now a day. If you have a used car just avoid the headaches of selling of it. You need not to give any sort of expensive ads or taking phone calls or showing the car or an instance of intense argument of its pricing. I appeal you all that your Car Donations will help change lives! Off course, one question may rise in your mind that after Car Donations what you get back in return. Yes, it is obvious. Here I would like to add one important point is, if you are decided about your Car Donations you can receive your full legal IRS tax deduction for not only the automobile but also RV, boat, plane, property or trailer. It means there is no any sort of loss you bear after your Car Donations.

The website is eagerly waiting for your Car Donations at “”. Yeah! It is the website that works on non-profit basis and totally devoted for those where over 5,000 people sleep on the streets and sidewalks every night. Friends, you never ever imagine that your decision of Car Donations safe guards the lives of many people who are looking at you as a one kind of guardian. This website devotes their efforts not only for poor people but also they are now building a remote rehabilitation facility for those addicted to alcohol drugs and those who have been through abuse. You can also check their other sites for example ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ to think over it. I request you all please call at 1-800-227-2643 for your Car Donations or fill out the small “Online Car Donation Form” here with.

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karenc said...

You can donate car to 1 of over 1,000 charities at Cars4Charities. Go to or call 866.448.3487.