Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vitalmotion.Net : Car Tips at Your Finger Tips

How often to change filters and oil? Do you know the types of oils? Have you ever checked any leaks in your car? How to tell if you need a new battery? In fact there are various types of brake systems. Have you know how to take care of your car brakes? I do not know how much you understand about the belts, carburetors, fuel systems and valves has been placed in your car that gives your more comforts while driving.

I know no any car owner have the information about emission control, "smog tests", and dealing with mysterious blue smoke. Even many of us could not know how to keep engine at a comfortable temperature. Yeah! At the time of purchasing a car we people concentrate on its safety and security and the accessories thereof like air-bags and anti-theft but many times it has been observed that the accidents happened only the carelessness of safety and security. Now a day many car manufacturers provided Power Steering techniques to all their variants but we people have less information about such techniques and shock absorbtion.

No one can denies this fact that tires and wheels are more sensible aspects of a car but many times while driving we people could not take any sort of care about tire pressure because we are always in hurry. It is better not to talk on wheel balancing and key axle information because we never consider it as a part of car repair or keep a car in good position.

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